Introduction: In The Beginning

December 2008
So with me in college, Sean on a Mission and all the rest of the kids soon getting ready to leave in the near future, I decided to document all of our [Beckwith Kids] lives and maybe give some history and a current story of our growing up.


Jaz; Jasmin; Jaz-O-Bear; Jazzy-Spazzy
Location: Provo, UT

I am currently studying at Brigham Young University in well....that is to be decided (I will take any suggestions into account). I am currently working at a bakery on campus and while I did receive a rather large triangular burn from the Monster-of-an-Oven, I still enjoy it. I have one of the best callings in my Singles Ward; as a Ward Activities Committee Member. It means I plan all the fun stuff but don't necessarily have to be in charge! Its great, we do all the fun stuff I want, its free and there is no stress involved.
All and all I try to keep busy doing work, school and really spontaneous random fun things, like slurpee runs at 2 in the morning.

Elder Beckwith; Sean; Seany-Boy: Captain Moroni
Location: Madagascar

Sean, this past week, made the two day travel time from the Provo Missionary Training Center to Chicago, then to London and then finally Johannesburg, South Africa which he then took a smaller plane to Madagascar.
Before he reported we all could tell he was getting restless and as he said,"I just want to leave already...Geez!" Sean definitely knew he belonged in Madagascar to be a missionary to the those people.
Mom and I were fortunate enough to still be able to go inside the MTC (before they closed it due to the Swine Flu) and watch the really old 80's movie about missions and tell Sean goodbye. Sean, before the movie started, made sure to tell us he wanted to do it like a band-aid; while it may be quick, its not really all that less painful in my opinion.
Mom and I were doing fine until I looked over at Sean and saw his lip tremble for a second, now I'm not a weeper but the floodgates opened and my face was soon wet. Good thing I was wearing water-proof mascara.
I'll be sure to update his status in Madagascar whenever possible.
He also spent the last year in school at Brigham Young University Idaho, he was working on a Exercise Science degree, which he will finish when he returns in two years time.

Last Sunday as a Family May 2009

Jaron; J-Ron; J Dogg; Black Man
Location: Portland, Oregon

Jaron is in Portland this summer selling...well I actually have no idea, its either alarm systems or pest control. He is doing pretty good with an average of two sales a day. He is out there with about three other guys from our ward in Georgia and is having "fun" earning bank for himself. He basically works 6 long days a week and barely rests on Sundays with church.
Jaron will continue to swim both for the high school team as well as on the year-long competitive team. He hopes to be accepted to Brigham Young University in Provo and do some schooling before his mission as well.
Jaron is still quite the buddy with the ladies and is one of the sweetest boys around. He is the "reigning" sibling which he never fails to remind me, when introducing me to others as the "older shorter sister" yeah, gotta love the kid and his wonderful humor.
Being the oldest kid at home this past year, he really stepped up to the plate and has been a great older sibling to the younger girls, which made me so proud.

Mariah; Mari; Mariah-Sky-Ya
Location: Home

While still the blonde of the family, Mariah is definitely no ditz. Unless, you count her recent broken wrist in two places as her fault.
She fell onto her wrist while playing dodge ball at youth mutual, she backed up and tripped over a boy that had fallen down behind her. Unfortunately, this caused her to be unable to do her duties as a recently appointed lifeguard. She now has dedicated her time instead to rigorously helping Alora and Kiaran with their stokes for their summer swim team.
She will hopefully have healed completely and not need further medical attention to her wrist in about two or three weeks. Fingers are crossed for good news.
She will be an upcoming sophomore and has landed a spot in the Jubilate Choir (which is a very good thing). She, like Jaron, has really excelled in her times and stokes, and will be a huge asset to the high school swim team this fall.
She is the ever busy teen; taking pictures of herself and her friends, EFY, more pictures, Girls Camp, even more pictures and now practicing her driving skills.
I am also proud to report that she has become quite the bull dog when it comes to the Gospel and her standards. YAY!

Alora; Peanut; Alora-Bora
Location: Home

Alora, bless her heart, is still the sweetest grandchild of us all. She spends her days swimming, and helping Grandma Robin with whatever she needs.
She is ever content to promptly place her nose in a book whenever there is time. She even devised a calendar to track her reading progress with certain rewards after a certain time frame. She already has gone to Whitewater Park (a local water park), had a shopping spree with Mom and received $20.
Man, wish I had known how to get free stuff out of Mom and Dad while I was young.
She also spends some of her time practicing her viola which she has been playing since 1st grade. She has gotten really really good and is in her Middle School Orchestra again this upcoming year.
A little bird told me, Alora is quite the cutey and is right up there with her other siblings. Oh, Dad is really going to have buy a gun now.

Kiaran; Pumpkin; Cupcake; Kiki
Location: Home
As the last of the bunch Kiaran is sure to keep you on your toes. She is currently heading up a play/movie production among her 10 or so friends this summer called "KEYMIP". Its okay if you don't know what that word is...frankly no one does. She also continues to make her own dance moves and sing along with her MP3 player whenever she is alone or even in the public eye.
She and Alora are both on the Redwine Rays summer swim team again this year and at their latest Championship, they took home the GOLD!
Kiaran has also prevailed at sprinting, beating any kid and/or adult she races. She's even rumored to have beaten Jaron at least multiple times. Our own Speedy Gonzales!

Mom; Mommy
Dad; Papa
Ages: Not to be Disclosed
Personality Age: Booming with Life

Mom and Dad have been recently introduced to the wonder sport of: Biking.
They bike at least twice a week, 30-40 miles each day. Earlier in June they also participated in the Bike Ride Across Georgia with some family friends. It is a 330 mile race over a 6 day period. They love the thrill of the wind blowing in their hair, okay so at least Mom does.

They also got the garden started that they have been talking about for sometime; so far it has produced white and purple eggplant, cucumbers, fresh basil, tons of tomatoes, peppers of all kinds, jalapenos and recently a very small cantaloupe.
They continue to be a cute and adorable couple, the most awesome parents and the coolest cats around.